Choosing the Right Lawyer

In 1991, Bret S. Kisluk left the Harris County District Attorney’s Office to start the Kisluk Law Firm, where his priority was, and still is, to provide his clients with the personal attention they deserve and providing clients with an effective, smart, and aggressive criminal defense.

With his combined experience as a criminal defense attorney and former Prosecutor;he has experienced first-hand the complications of mounting a successful criminal defense. To have an effective criminal defense, an attorney must first have an in depth and extensive knowledge of the Criminal Laws. Additionally, one must have a clear understanding of the procedures to establish a successful strategy. Further, one must have a vast knowledge and understanding of how investigations are conducted, as well as, the strategies likely to be used by prosecutors in evaluating a case. Prosecutors and police have a multitude of resources available, such as: crime labs, psychologists, medical professionals, forensic experts, investigators, and financial resources to fund investigations. Therefore, it is paramount to hire an attorney with the knowledge, background, training and experience to even the playing field inside and outside the court room. Bret has the necessary skills to protect you and your rights every step of the way. Your number one consideration should be a knowledgeable attorney that is willing and able to fight for you. Feel comfortable with the attorney you choose. Remember, not all attorneys are created equal. Choose the attorney that is right for you. To ensure that you receive the representation you need and deserve choose the Kisluk Law Firm; the Kisluk Law Firm is devoted exclusively to criminal defense.

We believe, "You Are Innocent Until Proven Guilty!"

  • We believe in the proposition that "You Are Innocent Until Proven Guilty!"
    Bret S. Kisluk
  • Talking to the police cannot help you. You cannot talk your way out of getting arrested.
    Bret S. Kisluk